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FusionMap mobile app

FusionMap Mobile App

FusionMap™ is now just a touch away on the AppStore and Google Play, delivering an enhanced mapping experience with all the familiar features from our web interface.

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FusionMap™ is a leading-edge technology for AI-powered geospatial data visualization, asset extraction, and management with seamless GIS integration.


FusionMap is designed with scalability in mind. From a single asset to billions of data points, we can make it work.


FusionMap is modular with support for LiDAR pointclouds, imagery, thermal, tabular, and other data types.

Ease of Use

All you need to use FusionMap is a device with a browser. There is no need for a specialized license, software or dongles.


Beyond Maps

FusionMap™ is a cutting-edge web-based application that consolidates data from diverse sources into a unified platform. With built-in support for multiple users, tenants, and administrative features, it offers a seamless collaborative experience for streamlined work.

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ESRI Integration

FusionMap™ supports integration with ESRI products through (WFS/WMS) layers. Any changes made within FusionMap are reflected real-time in other GIS products.

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LiDAR Pointcloud with Tons of Great Features

Custom built point cloud renderer displays LiDAR alongside the map, as well as it's own dedicated viewer.

  • LiDAR pointcloud
  • Panoramic Viewer
  • Quick Setup
  • ESRI Integration
  • 24/7 Support
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FusionMap™ Runs Everywhere

Seamlessly navigate and explore from any device. Mobile, desktop, or tablet - experience smooth mapping wherever you go!

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Why FusionMap™

FusionMap is a technical leader in web based data viewing and manipulation platform with AI capabilities and GIS integration.

Zero Setup

We build and load your data for you

Customizable Design

FusionMap offers a customizable UI and UX interface for each user

In your pocket

Faster and easier access to FusionMap using our mobile app

AI Ready

AI is deeply integrated into the FusionMap and your data, ready to extract assets and their conditions using AssetAI(TM)

GIS Integration

GIS integration is built in, allowing you to view your data in any GIS product using WFS/WMS layers

Highly Optimized

Using only the latest 3D Engines, FusionMap renders maps and pointclouds on any device


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